Art of fusion

Hublot sent out an RFP to ask how we could enliven Hublot's digital presence and brand story while placing the product in the centre of the action. Designing a digital experience for a highly disruptive brand like Hublot requires unconventional thinking. So we approached this pitch in an unconventional way. Putting the product first, we looked at ways we could leverage Hublot's rich history of partnerships, ambassadors and materials. Thus the Art of Fusion was born.

My role over the course of two weeks was to work closely with my design director to help craft three engaging homepage slides that echoed the Art of Fusion. I also worked closely with the SFX team, creating assets for the final video. 

Client: Hublot

Date: March 2014

Agency: SapientNitro


Visual storytelling for the modern web

We wanted to create a product page that translated their famous watches to the web, creating an interactive, bold and engaging product detail page like none other.

Image 29@2xImage 29@2x

Hublot World

A curated stream of rich content, aggregated into one natural home. Using an organised asymmetrical grid to guide users down the page.



Jen Heazelwood, Creative Director UX • Eric Chia, Creative Director Design • Anna Parellada, Design lead • Anna Jehan, Designer • Andreas Williamson, VFX Producer