Macro. Micro.

Our vision for this project was to Improve Scania’s ability to attract and sell to new customers through enticing, educating, and empowering buyers to make the right decision for their business. With only 12 weeks to complete the design phase, we had to quickly adopt a design idea that the whole team could work towards. Scania's vehicles are known for their large scale and intricate details, thus the idea of 'Macro/Micro' was born. The contrast of close-up imagery with long shots accompanied by big bold headers with small body copy was a way to create a unique visual style that represented the brand.

Client: Scania

Date: Nov 2015

Agency: SapientNitro

hero-image-min (1)hero-image-min (1)

Find the right dealer

We improved ‘dealer success’, by providing digital tools, content and experiences which help market, sell, and serve customers more effectively.

Explore the range

Consumers can now explore the extensive range of Scania vehicles like never before. From the roar of the engine to exact specifications tailored for every need.

Artboard 5 Copy 4-minArtboard 5 Copy 4-min

Consume content

Scania customers have a strong community presence and we wanted to create a space where they can share their challenges & concerns, latest news updates and other rich media content.